Applying for a Grant

Applying for a grant is easy, but you need to ensure that;

  1. The application fits within the Authorised Purpose of The North and South Trust Limited (see below). The 'Authorised Purpose' is the definition of what the company is licensed to make grants to.

  2. The applicant is a non-profit body.

  3. The grant is to be applied to specific and future purposes; no retrospective grants can be made.

  4. The application is made on the official North and South Limited Grant Application Form and is signed and completed in full.

  5. Ensure that you complete the application checklist and ensure that all the supporting documentation is provided with the application.

If your application does not fit within the Authorised Purpose or is incomplete then the Society will return your grant application to you.

Authorised Purpose

The Authorised Purpose of The North and South Trust Limited is;

  1. The promotion and development of amateur rugby union football through direct support of the Auckland Rugby Referees' Association, the Auckland Primary Schools' Rugby Union, the Auckland Secondary Schools' Rugby Union, and rugby clubs affiliated to, and sub-unions of, the Auckland Rugby Football Union Incorporated and deemed to have subscribed to and be bound by the constitution and rules of Auckland Rugby Football Union Incorporated and the constitution and rules of the New Zealand Rugby Football Union Incorporated.

  2. The promotion and development of any amateur sports playing in recognised leagues or competitions, including but not limited to the provision of ground hire or maintenance fees, buildings and facilities, equipment and uniforms, travel and accommodation costs, tournament fees, referees and educational programmes.

  3. To assist and benefit any charitable, educational, cultural or philanthropic purpose or any other purpose that is beneficial to the public or a section of it.

Grant Application Forms

Grant Application Forms are available by:

  • Downloading the attached form:
    North & South Trust Ltd -Grant Application Form

  • Email request to-

  • Picking up from one of the venues operating The North and South Trust Limited gaming machines, or

  • Writing to Grant Application Request, The North and South Trust Limited , PO Box 56 228 Dominion Road, Auckland 1446

  • All completed application forms must be mailed to The North and South Trust Limited PO Box 56 228 Dominion Road, Auckland 1446

  • All applications are considered against our Authorised Purpose, Grants Distribution Policy and funds available. We encourage all applicants to carefully read NSTLs grant distribution criteria, authorised purposes, and guidelines before completing an application.

Distribution and Timing

The Board generally meet on the fourth week of each month to consider grant applications.  The board meet a minimum of once every three months. Please refer to our next funding rounds for close off dates and meeting dates. 

Please see below for the society's current grant distribution policy.

North and South Trust Ltd - Grant Distribution Policy

Helpful Guidelines for Applicants

To assist applicants with their application please refer to the following documents and links prior to filling out an application:

Sport Grants - Guidelines  This document details helpful guidelines on who is elligble to apply, grants that can be funded, grants that are not eligible.     

DIA Guidance - Funding for Community Groups

The Grant Process

In accordance with section 109 of the Gambling Act 2003, the Net Proceeds Committee has conducted an annual review of the criteria, methods, systems and policies it uses for consideration of the applications for the distribution of net proceeds. This review was approved on 24th May 2017 by the Net Proceeds Committee. The results of this  review are:

The objectives of NSTL remain unchanged, which is to maximise the proceeds that are applied to Authorised Purposes. The criteria, methods, systems and policies are believed to be working effectively and therefore have remained largely unchanged. Minor grammatical changes were made to the Grant distribution Policy, Grant Administrative Procedures and Grant Advertising Policy. The criteria and conditions for allocation of Grants have remained unchanged. Please refer to our website to view or download a copy of NSTL's current Grant Distribution Policy.

The Directors and management continue to maximise the proceeds available through minimising costs and implementing efficiency as well as ensuring full compliance with all gaming regulatory requirements.


Grants by The North and South Trust Limited are donations as an unconditional gift. No portion is claimed by The Trust as a deduction for GST. If a grant applicant is GST registered, only the GST exclusive amount can be funded.

Historic Grants

Please click on the document below to see a list of previous approved and declined grants.

Four Months to 31 March 2011

Six Months to 30 September 2011

Annual Grants to 31 March 2012

Six Months to 30 September 2012

Annual Grants to 31 March 2013

2013 Auckland Rugby Union Funding

Six Months to 30 September 2013

Annual Grants to 31 March 2014

Grants for April 2014

Grants for May 2014

Grants for June 2014

Grants for July 2014

Grants for August 2014

Grants for September 2014

Grants for October 2014

Grants for November 2014

Grants for December 2014

Grants for January 2015

Grants for February 2015

Grants for March 2015

Grants for April 2015

Annual Grants to 31 March 2015

Grants for May 2015

Grants for June 2015

Grants for July 2015

Grants for August 2015

Grants for September 2015

Grants for October 2015

Grants for November 2015

Grants for December 2015

Grants for January 2016

Grants for February 2016

Grants for March 2016

Annual Grants to 31 March 2016

Grants for April 2016

Grants for May 2016

Grants for June 2016

Grants for July 2016

Grants for August 2016

Grants for September 2016

Grants for October 2016

Grants for November 2016

Grants for December 2016

Grants for February 2017

Grants for March 2017

Six months to 30 September 2017




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